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7 Best Vitamins for Hair Growth and Prevention of Hair Loss

by Ankur Majumder 21 Sep 2022

Best vitamins that help with hair growth

Hair is an essential part of our body, and most of us like to keep it well maintained by applying good products. But it is important that we consume certain vitamins that can help with hair growth and keep our hair healthy

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is required for healthy hair growth, making it stronger and thicker. It is also essential to keep your hair hydrated and prevent hair breakage.

People who have Vitamin A deficiency will notice weaker hair that is more prone to hair loss and breakage. With the correct amount of Vitamin A in the body, it will help hair growth and hydration.

It mainly helps in cell growth and sebum production. It affects cell growth, and that’s why enough vitamin A is required in the body, which can lead to stronger and thicker hair.

Sebum is a naturally occurring oil produced by the body. The sebaceous glands release sebum, which is then distributed from the hair follicles down to the hair shaft, and the body’s oil production is responsible for keeping it healthy. A healthy scalp is less prone to flaking and dryness.

Valeo Hair+ is a product that contains a sufficient amount of vitamin A which will help keep your hair healthy.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is often associated with hair loss. It is essential that you get enough vitamin D from your diet so that it can help with your hair growth.

Vitamin D is required to produce keratin that is needed for healthy hair and nails. A deficiency of vitamin D will affect the production of keratin in the body which will further be damaging for the hair follicles. It plays a vital role in stimulating new and old hair follicles. If the body does not have enough vitamin D, then hair growth can also be stunted.

Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to alopecia which is an autoimmune condition that causes bald patches on the scalp.

Valeo Hair+ contains vitamin D which is required for our hair, and stimulates hair follicles so that healthy hair can be maintained.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that has a positive impact on hair health. It helps reduce cell damage and improves overall hair growth.

It is known to support a healthy scalp as it has natural antioxidant effects, which help with maintaining hair growth. It also reduces oxidative stress and other free radicals that can cause hair damage. It helps prevent hair loss as well. It is also known to add increased shine to the hair even if it has been damaged by using styling products.

Valeo Hair + contains a sufficient amount of vitamin E that will help you maintain healthy hair and also promote hair growth.

Evening Primrose oil and Starflower oil

Evening primrose oil and starflower oil have been known for their fantastic contribution to hair health. Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid and other fatty acids that help in treating different health conditions, especially maintaining hair health. It helps by balancing hormones and supports a healthy scalp, and helps the body with more vital omega-six fatty acids. It also helps in prevention of hair loss and promotes hair regeneration.

Starflower oil or borage oil is also known for its unique qualities that help in restoring strength, shine, and radiance to dry, tired hair. It helps by boosting hair growth and also fights against hair loss.

Valeo Hair+ contains evening primrose oil and starflower oil as two of the essential nutrients that are required by your body and also for maintaining good hair health. 

Bio Marine Collagen Peptides

Collagen is essential for maintaining good hair, skin, and nail health. By adding supplements like bio marine collagen peptides, our body can help us maintain healthy hair. It helps by allowing the dermis to repair, which keeps our hair stronger and locked in place when hair starts to gradually thin or weaken over time.

Valeo Hair+ contains a sufficient amount of bio marine collagen peptides, which can help in keeping our hair strong and prevent thinning. 

Bioperine Black Pepper extract

Bioperine black pepper extracts have shown remarkable effects on skin and hair health. It is known to stimulate hair follicles and also prevent baldness.  

Valeo Hair+ contains Bioperine black pepper extracts that will help in promoting hair growth and also prevent baldness. 


Biotin is a pretty popular nutrient when it comes to hair health. It is found in different multivitamins as it supports hair health. It is a water-soluble B vitamin that helps in promoting hair growth. It stimulates the production of keratin in hair which then increases the rate of follicle growth.

Biotin is one of the vitamins that can be found in Valeo Hair+


There are different minerals that are required for keeping our hair healthy and for promoting hair health. Minerals like zinc and iron that can be found in Valeo Hair+ are much needed to promote hair health and prevent damage. 

Valeo Hair+ has it all

Valeo Hair+ has been formulated keeping in mind the vitamins and minerals that are required to keep your hair healthy. Multivitamins and an essential part of a diet, and these are needed to keep our overall health maintained. This product contains the required amount of vitamins and minerals that include bio marine collagen peptides, evening primrose oil, starflower oil, and Bioperine black pepper extract, along with 21 other vitamins and minerals that are required to keep our hair healthy and also promote natural collagen production. It helps in nourishing thinning hair and also promotes existing hair growth.

Valeo Hair+

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vitamin is good for fast hair growth?

There are combinations of vitamins that are required to improve hair health and support hair growth. Some of the important vitamins that are required for the body to maintain healthy hair are vitamins A, D, E, biotin, and other minerals that can improve the overall condition of your hair.

Which vitamin will stop hair fall?

Consuming just one vitamin cannot help with combatting hair fall. Rather, a combination of vitamins that includes vitamins A, E, D, and biotin, along with other minerals, can help stop hair fall and promote new hair growth.

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