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iUNIK is a skincare brand from korea and it has gained immense popularity in recent years due to natural and minimalist approach to skincare products. The focus of iUNIK Products Dubai has been on using high-quality natural ingredients into their products and formulations and they offer a range of products that cater to various skin types and concerns of the consumers.

The brand’s name is a acronym for Ideal, Unique, Natural, iUNIK Ingredients, Knowhow and this name reflects the core value that the brand stands for which is to produce products that are ideal for all skin types and effective for all skin concerns. iUNIK also focuses on using natural and high quality ingredients into their products and these iUNIK ingredients are sourced ethically from natural sources such as tree extracts and black snail extracts with active ingredients.

The brand offers a range of products like serums, toners, creams, cleansers and sunscreen at affordable prices to its consumers and prvoides users with gentle yet effective skincare solutions that promote healthy and radiant skin.

How is iUNIK different from other brands?

iUNIK is a different from other skincare brands for several reasons and one of the main reason is the approach of minimalism and natural ingredients towards skincare products.

The focus of iUNIK is to use high quality natural ingredients in their products and minimize the use of irritating synthetic ingredients like alcohol, fragrances and dyes. Ingredients like alchohol are present in many mass manufactured products and can cause the skin to irritate and harsh reactions and this can lead to long-term negative effects like dryness, damage to the skin’s protective barrier and also cause problems with skin replenishment and renewal. Alcohol laden skin products may reduce oilness but in the long term it can cause more harm than good and it is not at all good for your skin and your overall health.

Best iUNIK Products in UAE by Kuwa Supplements

1. The Calm Soothing Toner : Cica + Bisabolol 100ml

IUNIK Calendula Complete Deep Cleansing Oil is formulated with 94% pure plant oils and Calendula flower extract to effectively remove makeup from the skin and other impurities while soothing and mosturizing the skin from within. It is made for all skin types and has a lightweight effect on the skin and provides a burdenless texture and nourishing effects on the skin.

2. iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream

iunik centella calming gel cream is specifically created to provide long lasting hydration to the skin and soothe it from the inside and leave you with a nourished feeling. The cream is lightweight and non-greasy and is suitable for all the skin types. It helps improve the elasticity of the skin and provides a more even tone for the skin.

3. iUNIK 98% Beta-Glucan Power Deep Moisture Serum

Iunik 98 beta-glucan power deep moisture serum is made with 98% of Beta-Glucan which provides intense hydration to the skin and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin. It is made to mosturize the skin deeply and leave you with a feeling of soft, smooth and supple skin. It is suitable for all the skin types including dry, oily and sensitive skin. It will reduce the fine wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance.

4. IUNIK Centella Mild Facial Foaming Cleanser

iunik centella foaming cleanser by iUNIK cleanses the skin gently and soothes it from the inside. It is made specifically to remove dirt, oil and other impurities from the skin while maintaining a natural moisture balance of the skin. It is suitable for all the skin types and gives you a smooth, even toned complexion.

Why Choose iUNIK Products?

iUNIK is a brand that’s been around for around 8 years and has provided us with enough compelling reasons to choose iUNIK as opposed to to other plethora of brands that exist in the market.

Natural and Minimalist Formulations

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why you should choose iUNIK is it’s minimalist approach to ingredients and formulations. The company focuses on adding more natural and high quality ingredients to it’s formulations and minimize the use of synthetic ingredients.

High concentration of active ingredients

Many iUNIK products has high concentration of active ingredients like Tea tree extract (67%) and black snail extract (70%) which are beneficial for the skin and this sets them apart from other brands which use lower concentrations.

Affordable Pricing

One of the biggest achievement of iUNIK is that it has managed to keep the prices of the products very affordable even though, they provide highest quality natural ingredients into their products and this is one of the reason that sets them apart as it is hard to find products with this kind of quality and pricing. At kuwa, you can find these products at the lowest price possible.

FAQs for iUNIK Products in Dubai/UAE by Kuwa Supplements

What are the benefits of iUNIK?

All natural ingredients, Intense nourishing properties, soothing and calming effects, skin brightening and even tone, protection against damage are some of the benefits of iUNIK Products.

Is iUNIK Korean?

Yes, iUNIK is a korean skincare brand focused on creating skincare solutions with with minimal fillers and generous ingredients.

Is iUNIK toxic?

iUNIK products are formulated with a focus on natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals and toxins like alcohol, fragrances and dyes.

Which iUNIK serum is best for acne?

For acne-prone skin, the Tea Tree Relief Serum from iUNIK is highly recommended as it has 67% of tea tree leaf water known for its antimicrobial benefits.

Is iUNIK mosturizer good?

iUNIK offers a range of moisturizing products that are well-loved for their effectiveness and natural formulations. The Beta-Glucan Power Moisture Serum, for example, helps moisturize and strengthen the skin's barrier while providing brightening and wrinkle care benefits.

Is iUNIK for sensitive skin?

iUNIK products are suitable for sensitive skin as they are formulated with natural ingredients and are meant to be gentle on the skin.