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Lotus Herbals UAE produces and markets an extensive line of skincare, haircare, and cosmetics products and is one of the largest and most prestigious cosmetic companies in india and around the world. Lotus Herbals products are known for being safe, effective, and eco-conscious. The brand strives to provide such products for its consumers.

Looking for Lotus Herbals near you? The complete range of Lotus herbal products are inspired by Ancient Ayurveda and is developed using the combination of modern technology and and traditional wisdom of the indian ancient scriptures. Lotus Herbal products are available for all the skin types and are inclusive and diverse for all the skin tones out there.

The Lotus herbal brand is centered around the flower lotus which represents purity, simplicity, honesty and divinity in the ancient indian texts and the lotus herbal products are crafted with the similar aim to provide products that are simple, free of any artificial chemicals, simple and easy to use, transparency and lotus herbal strives to provide the benefits of exotic, natural and ancient herbal remedies in a modern and effective way.

Lotus herbals is a well-established brand and respected brand in the skincare and beauty industry and known for its commitment to natural ingredients, eco consciousness and effective products. You can buy Lotus Herbal products at Kuwa supplements in Dubai and all across UAE at the lowest price.

How is Lotus Herbals different from others?

There are several ways how lotus herbals differentiate itself from other plethora of products in the market and one of the main USP of the brand is the use of natural ingredients and ayruvedic formulations that it provides as apposed to other mass manufactured products that are loaded with synthetic ingredients and while they might be effective, they are not at all good for your health in the long term.

The produts of Lotus herbals are formulated based on the ancient ayurvedic formulations by using the science of ayurveda and natural ingredients. Lotus herbals is committed to incorporating ayurvedic wisdom and natural extracts into their products and this distinguishes it from the brands that use heavy synthetic or chemical based ingredients.

And on top of this, Lotus Herbals is also committed to cruelty free practices and an eco-conscious approach to manufacturing products. Lotus herbals has heavy emphasis on sustainability, natural ingredients, and avoiding animal testing in the process of manufacturing their products. This approach also aligns with the consumers of the brand and as they demand for more ethical and environment friendly beauty products.

Why Choose Lotus Herbals?

Lotus herbals has been around for quite a while and in those time they have given us some compelling reasons to choose them instead of the other plethora of brands available in the market.

Lotus Flower Inspiration

Lotus herbals draws inspiration from the lotus flower and aligns itself with all the qualities of a lotus such as purity, simplicity, honesty, and divinity. This qualities essentially reflects the ethos of the brand and the things the brand is willing to not compromise on, no matter the circumstances. These ethos describe the ethos of providing products that enhance, heal, protect the skin, hair and body naturally while respecting the beauty of nature and the skin.

In-house Research and Development

Lotus herbals has its own research and development lab where the products are developed after rigorous testing and and extensive research and trials. Lotus herbals is committed to providing products that are led with innovation, quality control and at the same time while ensuring that the products are safe, effective and aligned with the expectations of the consumers.

Wide Range of Products

Lotus herbals offers a wide range of products so that you as consumers can choose the one that best suits your needs. The extensive range of Lotus herbal’s skincare, haircare and makeup products total upto more than 250 items. This diverse range caters to various skin types, shades and beauty needs and this makes it a comprehensive beauty solution for a wide range of people. If you need anything related to Skincare or Haircare - Lotus Herbal has it.

Ayurvedic Formulations

As mentioned earlier, Lotus is committed to using natural extracts and the science of ayurveda which makes it a perfect choice of people who prefer nature cure, ayruvedic stuff over allopathy. All the products are made by natural extracts and ayurvedic formulations and are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Best Sellers of Lotus Herbals Products:

1. LOTUS Herbals White Glow Vitamin C + Gold Radiance Serum 30 Ml

Lotus Vitamin C Serum is a lightweight, potent serum that has vitamin c and 24k gold leaves in it and it provides hydration, glow to your skin and protects it agains the environmental pollutants and this leaves the skin radiant and supple.

2. LOTUS Herbals Tea Tree Wash 120g

Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Wash is a refreshing and purifying face wash which is enriched with tea tree oil, and it is known for its anti bacterial properties. This cleanser will clean the skin properly and prevent acne breakouts leaving the skin clear and vitalized.

3. LOTUS WhiteGlow Vitamin C Radiance Face Wash 100g

Vitamin C Face Wash by lotus herbals is another hydrating cleanser infused with Vitamin C, Yuzu lemon and kakadu plum extract and is suitable for all skin types. This facewash is effective in removing impurities from the skin, brightening it and protecting it from the environmental pollutants.

4. LOTUS Herbals Raspberry Lip Balm 5g

Lotus ip balm is a nourishing and hydrating lip care product and it mosturizes the lips and keeps it protected. This balm is also made from natural extracts and it helps keep the lips soft, smooth and healthy and is perfect for daily use.

LOTUS Herbals Rosetone Facial Skin Toner 100 Ml

The Lotus Face Toner by lotus herbals is a balancing toner that helps tighten the pores in the skin, remove the excess oil and restore the skin PH’s balance - this leaves the skin refreshed, revitalized and ready for the other skincare products.

FAQs for Lotus Herbal Products in UAE

1. Is Lotus Herbals a good brand?

Yes, Lotus herbals is a well established and trusted brand and is been around since 1993. The consumers of Lotus herbals have trusted the brand for 30 years because of it’s effectiveness and safety.

2. Is Lotus products are safe for skin?

Lotus herbal products are designed to be safe and effective for all skin types as Lotus herbal uses natural ingredients and extracts to manufacturer its products. All the products are natural and toxin-free and are designed to be gentle on the skin.

3. What are the side effects of Lotus products?

Lotus products are generally safe for use so you don’t have to worry about any kind of side effects. The ingreidnets are natural and toxin free and has zero side effects. You should be generally fine unless you have some kind of allergies.

4. Is Lotus really herbal?

Yes, Lotus herbals walk the talk and we use only natural and toxin free ingredients as it is inspired by ancient ayurveda and only incorporates exotic, natural and potent herbal remedies. We avoid all kinds of synthetic and chemcial based ingredients.