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The Different Forms of Shilajit and How to Use Them | Kuwa

by Ankur Majumder 30 Dec 2022

From Powder to Capsule: The Different Forms of Shilajit & How to Use Them

Shilajit has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. Its compounds are thought to be beneficial for numerous conditions. This post helps you learn about shilajit's different forms and consumption methods. Read on and find out everything that's involved!

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Different Forms of Shilajit

Shilajit Resin

It's a tar-like agglutinant substance sourced from the high-elevation mountainous regions in the Himalayas. Containing numerous minerals and fulvic acid, the substance may help boost immunity and improve stamina, libido, and sexual performance. Most importantly, it may help achieve overall well-being. 

Advantages of Resin Shilajit

  • Packs the highest concentration of fulvic acid
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Zero fillers or additives
  • Requires the least refinement

Disadvantages of Resin Shilajit

  • Strong earthy flavor 
  • Takes longer to get dissolved in water

Shilajit Liquid

Shilajit liquid is a refined version of the resin one. You can consume shilajit liquid with milk, water, juice, or any drink of your choice. Legit manufacturers typically process shilajit liquid leveraging the evaporation technique, keeping most natural ingredients intact. 

Advantages of Liquid Shilajit

  • Easy to consume 
  • 100% Natural 
  • Highly bioavailable
  • Properly filtered 
  • Packs enzymes, minerals, and plant nutrients 

Disadvantages of Liquid Shilajit

  • Pungent flavor 
  • Comes with specific storage requirements 

Shilajit Solid

Solid shilajit is pretty identical to shilajit resin. However, it's thicker, more concentrated, and features less of a sheen when hard. You can harden the substance in the refrigerator and soften it by moving it in your palm. Advocates claim that ayurvedic tradition considers solid shilajit as the classic form. Typically, it's more processed than the resin version. It packs an adequate concentration of minerals and nutrients, though. 

Advantages of Solid Shilajit

  • No fillers or buffers
  • Discreet 
  • Lasts long
  • Easy to store

Disadvantages of Solid Shilajit

  • Hard to dissolve 
  • Boasts strong flavor 

Shilajit Powder

This form of shilajit typically comes in shades of brown, amber, or black. Manufacturers process shilajit powder leveraging different degrees of refinements like freeze drying etc. However, finding a reliable source of shilajit powder is challenging. Most of the available ones are either poorly made or pack contaminants. 

Advantages of Powdered Shilajit

  • Bioavailable
  • Dissolves quickly in water
  • Easy to carry 
  • Can withstand heat

Disadvantages of Powdered Shilajit

  • A bit messy at times
  • Features typical pungency 

Shilajit Tablets

Usually, manufacturers make shilajit tablets from shilajit powder. They press the powder down into a tablet. Typically, these tablets exhibit a black-brown appearance, and they are pre-dosed. 

Advantages of Tablet Shilajit

  • Zero flavor 
  • Highly discreet 
  • Long lasting formula
  • Zero mess

Disadvantages of Tablet Shilajit

  • Probably contains fillers or binders
  • Less bioavailability 

Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit capsules packs powdered shilajit and can be of different shapes, sizes, or colors. However, it's crucial to find a reliable supplier of shilajit capsules to ensure safe consumption.. 

Advantages of Capsule Shilajit

  • Zero flavor
  • Easy to consume 
  • Good shelf life 
  • Easy to carry 

Disadvantages of Capsule Shilajit

  • May contain fishy substances 
  • Lacks bioavailability 

How to Use Shilajit in Different Forms

Liquid Shilajit Resin

You can mix liquid shilajit resin in warm water or milk for convenient consumption. You can also consume it raw; however, the shooting flavor may be an obstruction. Usually, liquid shilajit resins come with a dropper. You should measure the substance out using that. 

Soft Shilajit Resin

You can take shilajit resin with hot water or milk. Indeed, the substance will take some time to dissolve in warm water or milk. However, this is the ideal way to consume the liquid shilajit resin. 

Solid Shilajit

You can cut a portion of the solid shilajit out - the size should be that of a green pea. You can place it under your tongue, and it will dissolve on its own. 

Standard Shilajit Resin

You need to take out approximately 200mg of the substance and consume it directly. However, if the flavor turns out to be a constraint, you can mix it well with any drink of your choice. 

Shilajit Powder

You can mix shilajit powder with any low-calorie food or drink. Make sure you have a measuring spoon handy to take out the recommended dosage easily. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Taking Shilajit

Despite being a natural and safe herb, shilajit is not appropriate for raw consumption. Raw shilajit may pack free radicals, molds, heavy metals, and other health-damaging substances. Therefore, you should always consume purified and processed shilajit.

Remember, like any other dietary supplement or alternative medicine, the FDA doesn't cross-verify shilajit's quality, purity, or strength. Therefore, exercise extra caution when picking up your alternatives. Furthermore, avoid consuming shilajit if you suffer from hemochromatosis, sickle cell anemia, or thalassemia. Besides, avoid the substance if you have any specific allergies. Immediately stop consumption if you get rashes or experience an increased heart rate. 

Benefits of Shilajit

Alzheimer's Disease

Shilajit's highly effective compounds may help control Alzheimer's. A study confirms that shilajit has proven abilities to slow down the symptoms of aging. In addition, the compound may help control different cognitive disorders like amnesia, Alzheimer's, etc. 

Brain Function

The fulvic acid content of shilajit may help improve brain function and memory. In addition, it may help boost dopamine secretion, which contributes to improved mood. 

Low Testosterone Level

A study put some middle-aged men on a shilajit regime for 90 days. Those participants also reported a notable boost in T levels. Considering these shreds of evidence, you can expect to experience a boost in T levels after consuming shilajit consistently for a few months. However, it would be best if you always counted on trusted manufacturers to ensure the best results. 


Shilajit may help combat free radicals and prevent cellular damage, which helps prevent the signs of aging. Different studies have discovered that daily consumption of shilajit may help improve overall vitality. 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Taking shilajit twice a day may help combat fatigue. Studies claim that regular shilajit supplementation may help boost exercise performance and enhance fatigue-related metabolic characteristics. 


When blood lacks adequate hemoglobin, your body develops anemia. This condition may lead to several symptoms like cold feet, headache, weakness, fatigue, spasms, etc. Advocates claim that shilajit packs high concentrations of iron and humic acid. These components may help treat anemia. However, more research is required to support this claim. 


Shilajit may help boost testosterone levels. A study was conducted to determine shilajit's ability to boost male fertility. 60 infertile men were put on the shilajit regime for 90 days. 50% of the men reported an increase in sperm motility and count. You can consider adding high-quality shilajit supplements from reputed manufacturers to combat infertility. 

Heart Health

Shilajit may support cardiovascular health. A rat study reported shilajit's beneficial effects on the heart. Those animals were kept on shilajit therapy prior to cardiac injury. The researchers reported less damage to the heart of the rats who were on the shilajit regime. On the other hand, those who were not given shilajit experienced severe damage. However, more human-focused studies and observations are required to support this claim. 

Side Effects of Shilajit

Shilajit is considered otherwise safe. However, overdosing on the substance may lead to severe fatigue, nausea, mood swings, dizziness, and headache. 

When to Take Shilajit?

You should adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations to determine the time to take shilajit. Ideally, limit the daily dosage to 500 mg and consider taking the supplement twice daily. 

Choosing the Right Form of Shilajit for Best Results

Shilajit's benefits and effects may be self-explanatory at times. While you may consider any of the forms mentioned above, the resin is the purest and most effective version. However, consider your requirements and convenience to pick up the best-fit alternative. When consumed sensibly, shilajit may help improve the overall quality of life. 

For detailed clarification, you may consult your physician. Besides, if you are suffering from any chronic condition and taking prescription drugs, seek your doctor's advice before putting yourself on a shilajit regime. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which form of Shilajit is best?

The resin form of shilajit is considered the purest version. However, you can turn to liquid, solid, powder, or capsule versions from trusted manufacturers. 

How does it feel after taking Shilajit?

Regular consumption of shilajit may help you feel more energetic and active. Besides, you may experience an improved quality of life. 

What should be avoided when taking Shilajit?

Shilajit is otherwise safe, and it hardly interacts with other substances. However, it would be best if you avoid alcohol consumption and smoking when taking shilajit. Besides, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have certain medical conditions, you should not consume shilajit.

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